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The Kugler Jet Air Induction System is a unique type of ducted heating/cooling system employing the use of Jet Induction Nozzles. Air is treated in a central Air Handling Unit. Within the Air Handling Unit air is drawn across a series of panel and bag filters where air borne contaminants are removed, and then over the heat exchanger or cooling coil where the air is raised or lowered to the required supply temperature. The air is then discharged into the ductwork system via a centrifugal fan set.

Treated air is distributed by the spiral wound ductwork at high level within the conditioned space. The air is discharged into the space via a series of Balanced Jet Nozzles strategically located around the building to discharge air between other services, structures or obstructions.  This high degree of coverage ensures a good distribution of air and heat within the area served. The induction effect of the nozzles ensures maximum destratification thereby reducing roof heat losses and minimising energy usage.
Extensive design calculations are carried out to determine the optimum arrangement of the JET distribution system and selection of the induction nozzle terminals. The distribution system is designed to be self-balancing to avoid the need for balancing dampers, reduce the commissioning period on site and most importantly avoid the need for subsequent high-level maintenance within the occupied space.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Re-use of all waste heat energy (lighting, process heat, occupancy gains) within the space by means of the inherent destratification effect of the induction nozzles
  • Controlled fresh air ventilation
  • Limit internal temperatures throughout the year without the use of mechanical cooling. Depending on the usage of the building the Jet System can reduce the energy costs by up to 70% compared to a traditional cooling systems
  • Uniform temperature distribution throughout the space, horizontal and vertical, efficient temperature de-stratification
  • The system can be controlled from a central BMS to provide flexible control to maximise energy efficiency
  • Minimise total life costs of the system
  • No high-level maintenance requirement


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